Chattanooga Bridal Photo Session

Since I moved my photography company from Atlanta to Nashville in 2016 I’ve probably made the round trip drive from back to Atlanta to photograph weddings and visit friends and family close to 75 times.  That means I’ve passed through Chattanooga around to 150 times.  I always enjoy stopping in the revitalizing town for good food and drink. Two places you 100% should check out are Mad Priest Coffee & Cocktails and the Yellow Deli Cafe. You won’t be disappointed.

Being able to photograph Campbell’s bridal portraits at the Hunter Museum of American Art is one of my highlights of that city.  The historic and modern museum overlooks the Tennessee River.  We spent most of our time shooing in the old mansion on site that had a very victorian feeling. 

Teamwork really does make the Dream work

One thing that helped to make it a wonderful shoot is that Campbell and I got in the magic zone.  The best photos I capture are when my clients and I collaborate off each other’s energy.  Everything I say and do when I’m shooting is to help invite my brides and grooms to be their true selves in front of the camera.  There is a unique feeling in those moments and know we are in the zone.

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