Wedding photographer Nashville Sowing clover
Wedding photographer Nashville Sowing clover

"Chris is simply the best -- he exudes warmth and care, he is patient and detail-oriented, he is artistic and thoughtful in his photography. If you want someone who will not only take incredibly beautiful pictures (seriously, they'll make you weep they're so gorgeous), but will also be good company for a long day, book him." - J. Light

Engagement photographer Nashville Sowing clover

Not only did we meet the photographer of our dreams but also made a great friend. We got married in Atlanta on January 7th...yes the weekend of snowpocalypse 2.0. Chris came a day early to ensure he was there and was extremely flexible even with the ever changing forecast of Atlanta weather. He called me a couple times just to make sure I was doing okay and to see what he could do to help. What other photographer would do such a thing!? Our pictures look absolutely stunning. Sometimes I forget they are from my own wedding because they are so beautiful." - Morgan

Wedding photographer Nashville Sowing clover

“...His attention to detail is something I so appreciated; as the bride, you miss so much because it is quite a busy day, but you are the one who has envisioned and planned it all! There were things I didn’t get to fully experience with my own eyes, but to be able to see it all in Chris’ gorgeous photography was just as good, if not better!” - Ann Marie

Wedding photographer Nashville Sowing clover

"...Amazing, amazing work! People won't stop raving about the beautiful shots and expressions that Chris was able to capture. Plus - he's such a lovely individual to have around on your day. Always encouraging and brimming with joy. Justin and I are so grateful that he was our photographer!" - Brittany

Wedding photographer Nashville Sowing clover

"This man is a miracle worker and a blast to work with. He is truly gifted and was born for this! My favorite part is he will be there with you from the beginning of the day to the absolute end. NO TIME LIMIT! I've never been more comfortable with someone photographing me. It is usually awkward and no one knows what to say or do, but he is so easy to work with! Things flowed effortlessly really." - Lindsay

Wedding photographer Nashville Sowing clover

"From 7am-10:30pm Chris was following up and helping us maintain our schedule and vision through photography. Our guests and the wedding party loved his spirit and he kept us all laughing adding bliss to our special day. This is the best photographer in the business and this is coming from someone who is extremely familiar with cameras." - Jason

Wedding photographer Nashville Sowing clover

"First, his pictures are breathtaking. They are the perfect mix of artistic, beautiful and a documentary reflection of the day. He can capture fantastic candid shots mid-laugh but is also super creative with location/pose ideas for great shots. Second, he goes above and beyond! On my wedding day, he arrived at the venue before sunset just so he could capture a shot of the sunrise but then also gave some friends a ride home at the end of the night whose ride never came." - Kelly

Candid photographer Nashville Sowing clover

"We had a lot of wonderful vendors--but Chris was heads and shoulders above them all. He was incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. He offered ideas, suggestions, and feedback on our plans, but always tailored his approach to our needs. He was a pleasure to hang out with during the day itself. Guests, family members, the wedding party-- all felt comfortable and chummy with him." - J. Lanier

Wedding photographer Nashville Sowing clover

"Chris was our photography soulmate! The first time we met him, we felt like we had known him for a lifetime. His incredibly warm, calm personality makes him so easy to be around. A genuine sweetheart! Chris' photography is simply gorgeous. He has an impeccable way of creating original shots with artistic flair, and catching the light just right. Chris truly is a fun-loving, kindhearted person - exactly the type of person you want to be around on your wedding day. ♥" Laura & Charlie

Wedding photographer Nashville Sowing clover

"There just aren't words to describe how grateful I am to have had Chris as our wedding photographer. While we entered the experience as strangers, I truly feel like we left it as friends. I count myself blessed to have worked with him, and our wedding was not only captured beautifully by him, but it was also made better by just having him around!" - Emily

Bridge's maid photographer Nashville Sowing clover

"Working with Sowing Clover from the beginning was really refreshing. On the wedding day Chris was so much fun. Our family, wedding party, and my Husband and I really enjoyed working with him on our wedding day. He was enthusiastic and made us laugh and had a ton of crazy ideas for photos. Most importantly, the photos he delivered were amazing and we had hundreds to look at." - Katie B.

Wedding photographer Nashville Sowing clover

"Chris was excellent. If you're wanting to trust someone to do a great job and go the extra mile, hire Chris. He was with us from early that morning until we said goodbye to everyone at the reception. We also highly recommend hiring him for the rehearsal dinner/welcome party events! He does a great job blending in with the crowd and capturing great photos." - Jessica