Virginia Flash Flood Wedding!

This is 100% in my top three favorite weddings of all time! What started as a calm, beautiful day for wedding turned into a torrential downpour destroying people’s clothes and even the venue.   Emelyn is a photographer herself, and Breck is a cattle farmer.  They are now living on his 200 year old family land!  Thankfully their outdoorsy nature embraced the insanity this turned into.

Video of me diving into mud at the bottom of this page!

Wedding Photography Referrals

I actually met Emelyn one year prior to her wedding where she was a bridesmaid at another wedding I was photographing!  It’s a rewarding feeling when multiple brides from one friend group invite me to document their weddings.  Also, who wouldn’t want to photograph all these gorgeous bridesmaids at their own weddings?!

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And then God opened the Sky. And it Stayed Open.


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