Sowing Clover Wedding Photography
Q. Can we see a full wedding or more that you’ve shot?
A. Absolutely! You should ask to see a full wedding from every photographer you are considering. Just ask me and I’ll be glad to send you a link(s) so that you can look through a full wedding. I’m proud of my work, so I’m more than happy to invite you into see the whole thing! Almost every wedding is over 750 photos to enjoy!

Q. Do you shoot on film or just on digital?
A. I love shooting hybrid weddings. I enjoy being able to shoot around 10 rolls of film at a wedding to compliment the digital photos. I find that shooting some film throughout the day and especially for the bride and groom photos adds some soft beautify to the end products. I shoot both in 35mm and medium format. I use a Canon EOS 1v 35mm (almost every professional photojournalist around the world used this camera in the 1990s and early 2000s), a 1966 Rolleiflex 2.8f, and a 1976 Yashica MAT124G. All three of those cameras are some of the finest film cameras ever to be made.

Q. Why should we choose you to shoot our wedding?
A1. You value quality photographs and you want them to be stunning.
A2. You want a photographer who really enjoys weddings, celebrations, and love.
A3. My work speaks to you – the couples appear happier, more content, are having fun, and you want that.
A4. You want someone who is not going to miss a shot, but will also be pretty invisible.
A5. Like me, you value relationships. You want a photographer who is willing to meet up for a good pour-over coffee, wine or a cocktail (sazeracs are my go-to).
A6. You will be spending a lot of your wedding day with your photographer and you want one who you can trust, be relaxed with, and even enjoy their presence.

Q. Why are you more expensive than other wedding photographers?
A1. There are several reasons for this: I have more money invested in photography equipment than anything else in life, so I have the best quality and backup gear for everything which allows for professional and creative photographs.
A2. I have experience. Though I’m always striving to learn more and be inspired in the photography world, I’ve moved from the learning phase of photography and am in the creative phase. I push to be unique at every wedding, not falling into cookie-cutter weddings. There is no situation that will occur at your wedding that I will not be prepared for.
A3. I’ve built my business on being relational. I’m here for you through the whole process. Also, I’m an ENFP (Google it: Myers-Briggs Personality Profile), which means I’m highly intuitive and empathetic. I can typically read people and situations rather quickly (it’s like a superpower!), and this allows me to bring out people’s natural sides granting fun, authentic photos. 🙂
A4. I spend a lot of time editing your photos, not because I don’t know what I’m doing, but because I do know what I’m doing. I do not just add a filter to every photo and move on. I spend time on every single one and work it until I’m happy with it.

Q. Where should we do our engagement shoot?
We can discuss it, but it depends on what type of feel you want to communicate – from romantic, industrial, city life, nature, a combination of those, or some other type. I am always on the lookout for new, fun places to shoot, so I can continually challenge myself to be more creative. I keep a list of places I want to shoot in my back pocket (well, in my iPhone, in my back pocket).

Q. How will we receive our photos after an engagement shoot?
I will send you a link to your online gallery and you will be able to download all of them from there.

Q. When will we receive our wedding photos?
The digital process takes up to four weeks. Just like with other types of photoshoots I will send you a link to your online gallery with the fully edited photos and you can download them from there.

Q. What quality of digital photos do you provide?
All images that you receive will have been fully edited with color correction, all all images are in high resolution (300dpi), which is perfect for prints from 4″x6″ up to poster sizes. If you need something larger for a photo, just let me know.

Q. How many photos will we actually receive?
Every engagement and wedding is different, so it’s hard to be exact, but for an engagement shoot somewhere between 80-150 images. From the wedding, somewhere between 600-900 images.

Q. What is required for us to book our wedding with you?
At the signing of the contract I require 30% of total wedding package, which will reserve your wedding date.

Q. When do I have to make full payment?
A. I require full payment no later than 30 days prior to your wedding date.

Q. Can I meet you to talk about my wedding?
Yes! I love meeting with couples. If you’d like to meet up just let me know. Let’s enjoy a drink and conversation!

Q. Awe, crud. I don’t live in Nashville, but I want you to shoot my wedding. Can you do that?
Most definitely. I love shooting destination weddings. It will require travel expenses to be paid for, but I am pretty flexible, so if this is a concern let’s talk about it!

Q. What if I have a big pimple on my face the day of my wedding?
No problem! I can do light touch up editing to remove that. Removing your rowdy uncle that you aren’t sure you should have invited to the wedding will not be possible though. 🙂

Q. Tell me about your second shooter?
I have a few different friends who work with me depending on the date. They are all 100% stellar and I trust them to represent Sowing Clover’s branding in every scenario. Truly, as good as me, but don’t want to run their own businesses.

Q. How can I learn more or book a shoot with you?
Fill out the contact form and I’ll respond back rápido. Or if you have specific questions don’t hesitate to email me at chris@sowingclover.com. If you’re really bold call me at 770.367.9008.

Q. I’m actually just here because I like your work and am an aspiring photographer, can we talk sometime and I ask you some questions?
Most certainly! I have had a few photography mentors in my time that graciously have taught me much about the art and business. I’ll be more than happy to share what I know, photography and business wise, with others who are learning also.