Sowing Clover Photography

“In the dark of the moon, in flying snow, in the dead of winter ... I walk the rocky hillside,

sowing clover.” - Wendell Berry

Wedding Photography

wedding photographers in Nashville

It's true; wedding photography can truly be magical.

When you hear one of your favorite songs from your teenage days, they trigger nostalgia and that feeling that life is good.

Looking back on your wedding photos should feel the same way, whether as newlyweds for a few weeks or many years into marriage. It's Magic.

Great photography will pull you ladies back to when you were getting ready with your closest friends, and gentlemen, to when you were shaking your head at that one groomsmen who forgot his shoes. It should immortalize the ceremony, paint fresh love and hope on the bridal portraits, and reveal all the details of the celebration that you missed experiencing yourself because of the whirlwind of excitement you felt on the wedding day.

Beautiful photography opens up the real fantasy of the day. Photographs captured with anticipation and intent have the ability of communicating to us what we want to remember, more than exact facts and details.

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